Our Approach

Companies now choose and buy technology differently; they have already completed 70-90% of the sales cycle before they engage with technology vendors. This makes it critical to reach and influence them at the very earliest stages.

How do we ensure you connect with prospects quickly and profoundly?

We start by getting under your skin – why are you in business and where do you want to get? We’ll help you identify the value you provide to customers, before creating content that communicates those messages through the digital noise to retailers and brand owners’ heads, and hearts.

To ensure you reach key influencers, we’ll use our extensive retail resources to create relevant and accurate prospect databases. Then we’ll choose the optimum B2B digital marketing strategies – email marketing, PR, social media, content marketing, SEO, telemarketing, events – to ensure your message hits home.

To add even greater value, we’ll reach out to our extensive network of retail contacts, to drive collateral downloads and event attendance. We can also offer bespoke introductions if you want to set up direct meetings with hot engagements.

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