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Digital marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns for retail technology

We live in an attention economy. Consumers are interrupted by more brands, more often, on more channels than ever before. And marketers are finding it increasingly hard to stand out against the noise and win the attention, trust and respect of their audience.

Fieldworks does digital marketing differently. Our position at the heart of retail gives us unique insights into the trends, topics and challenges that retailers are facing today.

These insights are used to craft and deliver retailer-centric PR, social media, content marketing and email marketing campaigns that cut through the noise by delivering relevance and value to the target.

Our cross-channel digital marketing campaigns allow technology companies to directly reach their key decision-makers, wherever they are online. Using a selection of advanced marketing and analytics techniques, we deliver tangible results with measurable business impact.

Our unique combination of insight and digital marketing techniques are complimented by extensive industry connections. We have exclusive data on retailers in our proprietary database of 8,000 senior UK retail decision-makers, and also run the Fieldworks Analyst and Influencer Monitoring (AIM) programme.

Equally, we can boost your online presence through strategic SEO and PPC campaigns, which ensure your company turns up in revelant online searches.

Whether you’re looking to break into a new market, run a focussed campaign on a few key prospects, or develop your brand’s digital presence, Fieldworks has the retail knowledge and marketing expertise to support your business.


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